Østensjø Rederi blir med videre!

Østensjø Rederi er en av de mest kjente rederiene her lokalt og godt kjente ute i verden.

De har nettopp flyttet inn et flott nytt bygg i Smedasundet 97.

Administrerende Direktør Johan Rokstad er også som kjent Styreleder i Haugaland Håndballklubb.

Litt om hva Østensjø Rederi skriver om seg selv. (Engelsk)


Since 1973, Østensjø has delivered top quality marine services in the offshore and towage sectors world wide. The focus on recruiting and training quality staff to deliver quality service, has turned Østensjø into one of the most highly regarded marine services companies in the world.

With one of the newest fleets in the industry, and the most well maintained vessels in the world, Østensjø believes in providing the highest standard of service to its customers.

Located in Haugesund on the South West Coast of Norway, Østensjø takes advantage of a region widely regarded as developing the best sailor in the World. Most of Østensjø’s senior management are former mariners, and remain mariners at heart. That is why they take great care in producing the best Captains in the merchant navy and trusting them to run their ships to the highest standards of safety and customer service.

And the Østensjø management is never afraid of investing in its fleet or pioneering new technologies to make its ships safer, greener and more efficient. Most marine services firms claim to have the most advanced ships, but Østensjø never purchases vessels off the shelf, instead working with ship builders and its own specialists to produce the most advanced bespoke vessels. This method has seen the company pioneer dozens of innovations which have become best in breed across the rest of the industry and the world.

It was, for example, the first company to insist on high sides across its whole fleet ensuring the safety of cargo and crew. It was also the first company to install the revolutionary vertical Voith Schneider propeller on its offshore vessels, making them more efficient, and making manouvering several times more responsive.

Each time these gains are passed onto the customer, Østensjø maintains its focus on delivering the highest quality service.